How to get Inbound Buy-in from Your Sales Team

What happens when your marketing and sales team speak the same language? Let’s consider this scenario:

Say you are a student at school. You are studying geometry and are learning about the relations of points and surfaces in 3-dimensional shapes. You then go to art class, and your teacher has a lesson plan about cubism and developing 3-D shapes.  

Do you feel that these concepts will help cement your understanding of the development of 3-D shapes? When teachers practice cross-curriculum, the optimum level of comprehension can be reached for their students. Those dots get connected and this is where the magic starts.

When your sales team and marketing team speak the same language, your customers will get an experience tailored specifically to them and their needs. Because we know that inbound marketing is customer-centric, this is the ultimate dream-team goal (like when coach Phil Jackson led hall-of-famer Michael Jordan for the Chicago Bulls). Your sales team can focus on nurturing a lead that is just the right fit.

Here’s the tricky part: Often, marketers have a difficult time getting sales onboard with inbound marketing (i.e. SELLING inbound marketing to advertisers). It’s time for sales teams to be leaders in this charge for change.

We’ve got 4 methods to help convince your sales team that inbound is worth their while:

Break-down Inbound

The path of tracking ROI can be a bit blurry. Focus on pointing your sales team towards a common sense approach using relatable content that shows, in real time, how today’s buyer is research driven.

HubSpot breaks down the basics of inbound marketing here.

Help your Sales Team Speak to an Audience of Marketers

Your sales team will need to understand the following:

  • Value-based pricing
  • Define the stage of your marketing funnel and implement a service level agreement
  • Listen in on a few sales calls and chime in relevant inbound marketing strategies
  • Length of campaign and how these results will be measured in terms of:
    • Amount of Views
    • Leads
    • Qualified Customers

Show Examples
Show stories and hard facts rather than theories about new marketing trends. Check out HubSpot’s success stories for examples

Create Packages for Advertisers together
This makes the most sense, as you are involved with customer acquisition and retention everyday. Who better to work on creating packages with than you? Together you can develop:

  • What content to create
  • Where, when and how to use content for best organic results
  • How long your campaign should run
  • Estimated # of views that will generate
  • Relevant Email sends
  • Cost per lead
When your marketing team and sales team speak the same language in terms of inbound marketing, you will become the ultimate dream-team scenario for your customers.

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