Are Webinars Getting the Boot Due to Live Video?

Hubspot just released its 2017 State of Inbound report and the numbers got me thinking…

We’ve begun a new era: Live Video. This form of communication is not new. Live video has actually been around for over 10 years, but it’s just starting to build within the public and business spheres.

Thanks to Facebook live it’s the latest and greatest way to connect and has led to internet fame for early adopters like Chewbacca mom.

The rapid growth in popularity among consumers has gotten marketers’ attention. 46% of marketers plan to add Facebook video to their content distribution strategy in the next 12 months, which is up 7% from last year. Not to mention, Youtube leading the pack.

Live Video

How will marketers use live video? Only time will tell. However, if live video becomes the standard form of digital connection and communication from B2B and/or B2C, will this lead to the downtrend and disuse of webinars?

According to the report, webinars rank low on the totem pole for businesses in 2017. They fall as 10 out of 12, just one above freemium trials and two above the response I don’t know.

Live Video

The case can be made for live video to fall in a few of these categories although the most fitting choice is interactive content, due to the nature for live video to be used to connect with viewers.

Yet, this trend of decline continues across the globe as we explore further. In every geographic region, apart from north America where webinars rank 8th, webinars hold out as the 10th most important marketing priority, out of 12.

Why is this the case? What is causing marketers and businesses to put aside webinars and make room for live video?

A large part of this shift has to do with relationship building. That is not to mean the kind of relationship building your sales staff focuses on achieving throughout the buying process. What I’m referring to is the digital relationship brands are able to formulate with online consumers.

The translucid nature of social media affords business the opportunity to express their company values, beliefs, motivations, and culture to a public that is eager to pull back the curtain.

This revelation is happening so frequently that it has become taboo to not host your brand on at least one social platform. The common internet user has now become accustomed to this unmasking and thanks to that, businesses are presented with an enormous opportunity to connect beyond the sales call or marketing email.

Live VideoPhoto by: kellinahandbasket

Webinar used to be the method marketers would turn to, to facilitate that connection. This technology allowed your business to put a name and a voice to the brand and provide value to those that tuned in.

Live video is going one step further by adding a few more ingredients to the mix: a face and live, visual interaction. It’s an open medium through with a human to human connection can be simulated in live time and that creates transparency as translucent as glass.

If live video continues its accelerated climb and mass adoption by the public and business spheres will it edge out webinars for good?  It might, so long as consumers continue their quest for brands, unmasked.

I want to know your thoughts! What future do you think there is for live video and/or webinars? Send me your ideas by tweeting me @DanaVDonnelly or by messaging us @inspiredgm on Facebook.


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