How Much of Your Time Does Working with an Inbound Agency Require?

If you’re a growing business looking to further your growth with inbound marketing efforts, you might be wondering: “How much TLC would I need to put into a relationship with an inbound agency?”

A typical time-frame for the first 2 months (your honeymoon phase) with an inbound agency would require around 6-8 hours a week. Keep in mind that this can vary depending on if you’re a start-up business or if your business is already developed. If you’re thinking this relationship is moving too fast for you, let us break down why this amount of intimacy is required.

If you’re a start-up business, you will be devoting time to the following:

  • Setting up SMART goals:

S- Specific- Your goal needs to be specific and communicate what is going to happen, why it’s important, who it’s going to impact and where it’s going to happen

M- Measurable- Your goal needs to develop concrete criteria for measuring your progress

A- Attainable- Your goal should be reachable and possible for your team to achieve

R- Relevant- Your goal should be aligned with your business and it’s core values

T- Timely- You should have an expected date your goal will be reached

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For businesses that are already developed, tweaks and redevelopment will most likely take place, so the estimated timing of 6-8 hours a week may be slightly less.

After your honeymoon phase, you will most likely be spending less time with your inbound agency and will start to form regular weekly tasks. So what does the intimacy of your relationship on the week-to-week entail after your honeymoon phase?

  • Company Awareness Meetings - Keeping in touch with your company in regards to new hires, new products and services and what you want to promote: ∼1 hour
  • Progress/Status Review - How are the marketing efforts performing? This is concrete data based on the results of your ad campaigns, social media posts, email campaigns, content offers and blogs. (i.e. leads, clicks, likes, shares): ∼1 hour
  • Reviewing and Editing Content - Inbound marketing companies like ours will create the content based off of our company awareness meetings. The content is then passed onto you for your sealed approval: ∼1 hour
  • General back and forth via phone and email - There will be back and forth discussions regarding products, images, and approvals: ∼1 hour

Once again, these timeframes can vary as some companies prefer a hands-off approach, placing full trust on their inbound marketing agency to act on their behalf in representing their best interests.

Why is all of this intimate time with your inbound marketing agency so important?

When it comes to inbound marketing, content is crucial. Your feedback, along with how the agency understands your business is critical in building your brand. Rest assured, over time, you will most likely be spending less “intimate” time with your business as your inbound team develops a solid understanding of your business and it’s personality, goals, customers and products. This is not a break-up, so put those tissues down. It’s merely developing a stronger understanding and foundation between the two.

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