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What Kinds of Emails go into an Email Marketing Campaign?

Email marketing campaigns become effective when the recipients of the emails can easily relate all the emails to each other. They understand what they are receiving, why, and are prepared to act...

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Is it a Wise Email Marketing Strategy to Send the Same Email Twice?

What do you think? Have you ever received the an email twice? Would you notice if you did? The answer lies in whether or not you opened and read the first copy.

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What’s an Email Workflow and How Does it Work?

What’s an Email Workflow:

Email workflows are your sales and marketing team’s best friend. They are just one component of what is called lead nurturing. Lead nurturing is a tactic used by...

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What's the Best Way to Format your Marketing Emails?

Is there a tried and true way to format your emails in a manner that will bolster clicks? If there was you’d probably already know about it.

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Our Like Button - Constant Contact

If you’ve been reading our latest blogs you know that email marketing campaigns are still popular and prospering great results.

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5 Statistics that Demonstrate Email Marketing Campaigns are still Alive

There has been much debate and many rumors circling around the life expectancy of email marketing. It is dead or still kicking? Well, there are many reasons why email marketing has not appeared in...

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